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Can the Internet Show You the Best Way to Play the Trumpet? (Finding Your Way in a Sea of Information)

In a relatively short amount of time, the world has seen an explosion in the amount of information that is readily available on just about any subject imaginable.  Of course I’m talking about the Internet here, and while that may … Continue reading

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Working on “Take the A Train” with a Beginning Improviser

Noah is a talented young trumpet student of mine who is just now entering his second  year of middle school.  We were making more time this summer to work on jazz improvisation, since up to that point, we had been … Continue reading

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Learning How to Make the Conversion to and from Braces: An Opportunity for All Trumpet Players to Improve

  During the very early stages of this blog I wrote about playing the trumpet with braces, but after recently reading how some of the internet trumpet teachers approach this challenge, it seemed time to review         … Continue reading

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2016 Denver Jazz Trumpet Consortium

Al Hood, who teaches trumpet at Denver University’s Lamont School of Music, and directs their Lamont Jazz Ensemble, has once again put together an event for lovers of jazz and trumpet.  Here’s some information he recently posted that could be … Continue reading

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Opening of a “A Remarkable Life”

Way back in September of 2014, I had blogged about an independent film that I had written some music for earlier that summer…just one brief, but pivotal scene.  Since then, “A Remarkable Life” has had some success in various film festivals (including … Continue reading

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New Website Up and Running!

After the normal growing pains associated with any kind of change in personal technology, my new website has launched!  It offers a much more streamlined, current look, and easier access to all kinds of information about my private teaching, audio … Continue reading

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Website and Email Transfers

Here’s a quick note about my new website being set up with a new host, which will also impact my email.  I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly, but you never know.  The process should start on Thursday, May 12th, but … Continue reading

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Reharmonizing and Arranging a Song for a Student: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Vander has been studying trumpet with me for a few years now, and due to his family’s busy schedule, had accumulated a lot makeup time.  To try and help him recover some of that lost time, I came up with the idea … Continue reading

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Some Trumpet Practicing Guidelines From Another Discipline

Alex (one of my high school students who has been mentioned in this blog before), recently had to miss his weekly lesson in order to attend a summer camp.  This particular one was held by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and … Continue reading

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Mapping Out a New Jazz Tune

What kinds of things do you do to learn a new jazz tune?  Of course we learn the melody, but if you are planning to improvise on the tune and it’s chord changes, your work has only just begun.  I … Continue reading

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