2016 Denver Jazz Trumpet Consortium

2016 Jazz Trumpet ConsortiumAl Hood, who teaches trumpet at Denver University’s Lamont School of Music, and directs their Lamont Jazz Ensemble, has once again put together an event for lovers of jazz and trumpet.  Here’s some information he recently posted that could be of interest to any of you who share his interests!

Hello Jazz Fans!!

The 2016 Denver Jazz Trumpet Consortium, featuring Yamaha Artist BOBBY SHEW is about to get underway August 1-4 and there are a couple of spectacular Denver performances you will not want to miss!

The first is at Dazzle Jazz Club on August 2nd at 7PM and will feature Bobby Shew and the DJTC Faculty (Brad Goode, Greg Gisbert, Pete Olstad, Gabe Mervine and Al Hood) with a phenomenal rhythm section! Get your tickets here:


Following that at 9PM in the “Dizzy Room” will be ALL of the trumpet attendees of the consortium populating the Tuesday evening Jam Session – for a night of “total trumpet mania!”

Then the FINALE concert of the DJTC will take place Thursday eve August 4th at 7:30PM at Newman Center’s Hamilton Hall. This concert will feature Bobby Shew, all the trumpet faculty, all 35 consortium attendees, a fabulous rhythm section AND the H2 Big Band! Not to be missed! Tickets here:


Please share this with other jazz & trumpet fans!

And here’s a video which will tell you a little more about the Jazz Trumpet Consortium!

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