Navigating This Blog

This is a pretty simple process, as long as you remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Below the horizontal dividing line you’ll find these easy to use tools:

  • Categories
  • A “Search This Blog” search engine
  • Archives
  • Load More Posts

Above that dividing line you’ll see the Load More Posts box, which will download another page of earlier posts.  Also, many of the posts have internal links, which will take you directly to the related posts.

iPad users now have a choice to view this blog a different way (which may come up automatically), at first looking something like a book cover, with a “swipe” icon.  Following that direction will effectively “turn the page” so you can see icons of the most recent posts.  Click on what you’re interested in, or “turn the page” in the same way as before to view the next page of posts.  After this book’s cover, clicking on the Menu button in the upper right hand corner will give you the option of which category of posts to view in this format, and clicking again on the Pages button will allow you access to the blog’s info pages…”About Me” and “Information About Private Lessons.”

If this appearance does not come up automatically, you can get there by just clicking the underlined “View iPad site” at the very bottom of the page.  Or, to return to the standard appearance, click “View Standard Site” in the same bottom most location.  I have not seen the convenient search engine, or any way to subscribe to this blog in the iPad view.

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