Opening of a “A Remarkable Life”

A Remarkable LifeWay back in September of 2014, I had blogged about an independent film that I had written some music for earlier that summer…just one brief, but pivotal scene.  Since then, “A Remarkable Life” has had some success in various film festivals (including Colorado’s own Breckinridge Film Festival), and is now opening in a few select theaters across the country this Friday, May 27th.  In my original post I had promised to let everyone know when and where the movie would be released, so at long last, I can share that information with you now!

  • In Denver: Harkins Northfield 18
  • Boston: Apple Cinemas in Cambridge
  • New York: Cinema Village
  • In L.A.: Laemlle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills opens next week, beginning June 3rd

In the words of the film’s writer-producer-director, Vohn Regensburger:

“I hope you can make it out to the theater over this weekend in Denver and bring some friends! We are living and dying on the box office returns and hope to get another week if we can generate enough ticket sales. I really appreciate the help!”

Here’s a trailer to pique your curiosity, and I hope to see you at the movies!

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