About Bob Gillis

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I’ve been a professional musician and teacher for over forty years, with experience as a trumpet, piano and keyboard player, and as an arranger and composer in a multitude of styles. I have also served as a producer and recording engineer.

Since my pivotal mid-life crisis, I have essentially dropped out of the world of freelance performing and arranging (with a few exceptions), and have instead focused more on the work that really resonates with me.  Since that decision to follow my Muse and the “road less traveled,” I’ve produced a critically acclaimed CD (“Hats”), composed for full orchestra, string quartet (in a modern, classical style), and various jazz groups (from trios to large ensembles).  Examples of some of these works can be found on the Audio, More Audio, and Sheet Music pages of my website (www.bob-gillis.com).   This change in direction has also proven that private teaching is a much more creative and rewarding endeavor for me than most of the freelance work I had been doing.

My current project focuses on music for a new group…a duo comprised of a multi-instrumentalist woodwind player, and myself…playing a variety of keyboards, and my horns.  The number of available sounds offer unlimited possibilities for composing, orchestrating, and improvisation, but also present musical and technical technical challenges that keep me learning and growing as well.  Although the original plan was to debut the duo in 2016 (with live performances and a new CD), the magnitude of the project has delayed things until sometime in 2018.

This blog is designed primarily for my students, colleagues, friends, the curious, and for those looking for a teacher with my areas of expertise.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly:


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