Clifford Brown Jazz Trumpet Consortium: June 15-18, 2015, Wilmington, Delaware

Clifford_BrownMy friend and colleague Alan Hood knows more about the late, great jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown than anyone I know.  Add to that the fact that Al has been a treasure in Denver trumpet community since he joined the faculty at Denver University several years ago, continually presenting informative masterclasses, clinics, and even hosting an International Trumpet Guild Conference there.  And now he has done it again, this time coming up with an intensive four day workshop for trumpet players throughout the world, who are interested in taking their craft to the next level.

The consortium’s faculty is top notch…Terrell Stafford, Greg Gisbert, Brad Goode and Al himself…players who have not only made their own mark in the world of jazz, but are experienced, gifted educators as well.   Taking it even further, this consortium will be held in Clifford’s home town of Wilmington, Delaware, and will include three additional presenters:  the filmmaker who produced “Brownie Speaks: A Video Documentary,”  a former student of Clifford’s influential teacher, Robert “Boysie” Lowery, and even Clifford Brown Jr., allowing the attendees to learn about the rich history that produced one of the great beacons in the world of jazz.

This is truly a unique event, and very highly recommended!

For more information about the consortium, or to contribute to its Kickstarter program, click on these links below:

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2 Responses to Clifford Brown Jazz Trumpet Consortium: June 15-18, 2015, Wilmington, Delaware

  1. I wish you could go Bobby!!

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  2. Sounds like a great event!!

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