2014 DU Trumpet Hang!

Here’s a great event for Denver metro trumpet players, although many have come from beyond Colorado’s borders to attend.  For the price of a private lesson, you can attend five informative clinics with talented, experienced pros, try out a variety of horns, mouthpieces and accessories, hear some fine trumpet ensembles from DU, do some playing…and lunch is included!

Trumpet Hang Poster


  • 9AM: Prelude-DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Breaking It Down; The Relationship of Slurring to Total Technique.” (Brad Goode)
  • 10AM: Prelude- DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Orchestral Sound Production and Style” (Justin Bartels)
  • 11AM: Prelude- DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Trumpets & Other Fun Things – Why Things Sound Like They Do” (John Mills)
  • Noon: Prelude to lunch- DU Trumpet Ensemble
  • 12:15–1PM: LUNCH & DISPLAY
  • 1PM: Prelude- DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Clifford Brown: Researching & Re-Discovering the Jazz Trumpet Titan” (Al Hood)
  • 2PM: Prelude- DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Trumpet Practical Applications and Troubleshooting (Q and A)” (Pete Olstad)
  • 3PM: Prelude- DU Trumpet Ensemble.  Clinic- “Booking Yourself/Your Band – International/Domestic” (Bob Montgomery)
  • 4PM: Trumpet Ensemble Reading Session (Bring your horns!) (‘Hang’ Faculty leading)

Clinician’s Websites:


 Justin Bartels

Brad GoodeBrad Goode

al_hoodAlan Hood

lJohn Mills (of the Trumpet Trader)

bobmontgomeryBob Montgomery

peteolstadPete Olstad


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