2013-2014 Colorado All State Band and All State Jazz Band Auditions

12415415771151985All of the information for the 2013-2014 Colorado All State Band and All State Jazz Band is now available on line.  Here in one place are all the links for trumpet and jazz piano players (and more), along with some supporting materials to help you out. If you are not old enough yet to audition it still would be a good idea to practice this music.  Band directors often use the All State music for their own school auditions, which then help them place their students in the appropriate band and chair.  By clicking on the highlighted link you can go right to the official website for all of the guidelines.

2013-2014 Colorado All-State Concert Band and Symphonic Band (PDF Document)

In preparation for your audition, be sure to check out the two part “Audition Strategies” links below, and learn how to use “Add-Ons” for the especially difficult passages.  Since scales are a part of your audition, you will also want to read the links shown below which will help you make your scales sound their best.

The two etudes in Phil Snedecor’s Lyrical Etudes book can be ordered online, or you can have a store like Kolacny Music here in Denver (303-722-6081) order the music (but be prepared for up to an eight week wait!).  Unfortunately, I could find no examples of the two selected etudes on YouTube this year.  No worries though…there are still plenty of wonderful  examples of great trumpet playing on that site.  Listening for the beautiful sound, phrasing and impeccable articulation of the world’s top players will give you an invaluable reference for your own practice.  Hakan Hardenberger, Sergei Nakariokov, Maurice Andre, Philip Smith and Manny Laureano all are well represented on YouTube, and would be great references for your work.  Of course there are many others, but you can’t go wrong using those masters as a starting point.

2013-2014 All-State Jazz Band

dixie_jazz_52013-2014 All State Jazz Band Audition Information Form

Lead Trumpet Music

Trumpet Section Music

Piano Music

Even though last year’s post for the 2012-2013 Jazz Band audition (link seen below) has some dated materials, it still has many useful tips that will help you prepare for the improvised part of the audition, plus it is full of useful links that will help you prepare even more.  The link to the “Ultimate Motivic Cells” (also seen below) has the latest post on the same subject.  The links at the bottom of this post on “Audition Strategies,” “Add-Ons,” and “Scale Practice” will also help you prepare for the Jazz Band audition.

  • Buy the Aebersold Book and CD, “Maiden Voyage” (Volume #54, also available at Kolacny Music, listed above) that will be used for this audition.  It’s one of his better offerings, and you’ll get a lot of good use from it well after the audition is over.
  • Listen to lots of artists performing the required tune(s), not just those who play your instrument.
  • Stay away from the higher, faster, louder approach and concentrate on rhythmic integrity (swing), your sound, and melodic development.  Record yourself before you submit your application CD in order to listen critically and then make the required adjustments.

Auditions not only give you an opportunity to play with the best of your peers (if you are successful), but the preparation should also help you continue to grow and become a better musician.  Good Luck!

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