2011-2012 Colorado All State Band and Jazz Band Audition

All of the information, including the required audition music for Colorado All State Bands and Jazz Band is now available. You can use the links below to access the appropriate websites.  My students will receive a copy of the All State Band music during their lesson this week.  If you’re in high school it would be a good idea to learn the pieces for All State Band, even if you’re not yet eligible to audition.  The reason?  Many band directors use this music for their school’s own auditions, so getting a head start on these pieces will help prepare you for chair tests, and for honor bands like the Continental League.  Be sure to check out “Audition Strategies” Part One and Part Two in this Blog.

Colorado All State Band

The Jazz Band link will give you the option of printing the music for Lead or Section Trumpet.  

All State Jazz Band

Although there are no recordings of the Jazz Band music, I’ve included some YouTube links below with performances of the All State Band music.  “Theme” is from “Norma,” by V. Bellini.  The first example is by a young Hakan Hardenberger on cornet (unfortunately the audio and video are slightly out of sync), the second, by Sergei Nakariakov (on trumpet).  Although I’ve listed the times when these excerpts begin and end, listen to the entire piece and let their artistry soak in.  Imagine you are an actor learning a new role where you must speak with an authentic accent, only your speaking voice will be your trumpet.  

Although their musicianship is  beyond reproach,  you’ll notice a couple of their habits are contrary to what we’ve been working on in our lessons.  Your right hand fingers will become stronger and more efficient if you avoid Mr. Hardenberger’s technique.  That sounds like blasphemy, especially since he plays so flawlessly and I’ve been an admirer of his for so long, but the rest of us mortals need all of the help we can get, and adhering to a more efficient right hand position is a positive step with many benefits.             Hardenberger Version (~2:46-3:28):  


Sergei Nakariakov’s posture has been the subject of debate for a long time.  While there are so many things to admire about his command of the instrument, your own sound, efficiency, projection and ease of playing will be better if you keep your head and horn up and back straight.  Nakariakov version (~3:41-4:16):  


“Dolce” is and excerpt from Arban’s 2nd Characteristic Study (which begins at 00:41).  I do not know this player, and while he may not be of the caliber of Hardenberger and Narariakov, he is still a fine musician and you can learn from his approach.   He does add a lip trill on the F (00:57) and an extra measure at the end of the piece where he continues the E arpeggio up another octave, but those changes are not required for the audition.  

Strategies for audition preparation will follow in the next post!

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