Blackburn Trumpets

This blog would not be complete without the mention of Blackburn Trumpets.  These wonderful, handmade custom horns (sized from Bb to piccolo) are among the finest I’ve ever played, and should be considered by anyone looking for a topflight instrument, no matter what type of music they play.  Click on the link in my blogroll at the right for more information.

I’m the proud owner of two of Cliff Blackburns’ horns. His “Jericho” model (purchased in 1996), is perfect for the contexts I was playing in at that time (a salsa band and my jazz group, which then incorporated a lot of synthesizers).  That trumpet has great projection and response, and two of my friends (who are great lead players) loved its “sonorous” sound and strong slotting capabilities.  The following link has two audio clips from my first CD “Hats“, where you can hear the Jericho.  “In a Minute” showcases my improvised solo, and  “Say It Well” shows where Rick Peron borrowed my horn for the very last note of the piece (a one take double C) after being frustrated with the way his Yamaha was holding him back.

The newer horn I bought in 2007 can be seen at the top of this blog’s home page.  It actually has a cornet bell, helping to produce the dark, open sound more suited to the small jazz groups I now play in (stay tuned for the next CD).  Thanks for the great trumpets, Cliff (and Bunny and Tina!)…they have inspired me to become a better player.

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