Three Keys to Success

I like a good formula…something simple and easy to remember, yet all encompassing.  A phrase that allows for a lot of detail within…like E=MC2.  So consider these three keys to success: Knowledge, Awareness and Time.  In my early days in music I didn’t have much working with any of these important keys.  The first Key to awaken was Time…I was told to practice more, and so I could see improvement in my playing.  However, after a while my progress leveled off…I would “hit the wall.”  I needed more information…more knowledge to help me get unstuck.

As I studied with better teachers, I was given things to practice that got me back on the road to improvement.  Sometimes it was a new exercise, or a new approach to the same exercises I had been doing before.  I was also given a greater Awareness…asked to pay attention more to my sound quality and rhythmic precision.  It was enlightening when I returned to New York for a week’s worth of trumpet lessons with Roy Stevens because I didn’t get a lot of new information (Knowledge).  In fact his advice to me sounded a lot like what I was telling my students (sometimes almost word for word!).  What this told me was that my Awareness needed to grow…that I needed to pay attention more and perform the same basic foundation building exercises at a much higher level.

It became clear that there is a relationship between these Keys, and that they all depend on each other and inform one another.  More to come!

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2 Responses to Three Keys to Success

  1. Leslie Clark says:

    This was really true Bob. I think this is for anyone who is trying to learn something and be good at it. Knowledge, Awareness and Time. After taking all of these into account, there seems to be another place… the place of Pressing In…. no matter what. I think in “Pressing In” we find our WINGS!

  2. bobgillis says:

    Thanks for your wise words, Les. I think of “Pressing In” as enlightened action…Time with some help from Knowledge and Awareness. You have to put in the time and invest in yourself if you want to fly.

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