Lip Alignment

Most of my focus lately has been on more carefully aligning the lips while they’re in the inverted “M” position…feeling the even, gentle contact from corner to corner, with the center lip aperture still being the point of least resistance (even with the lips still in gentle contact).  This means all excess tension must be eliminated, not only in the embouchure but in the entire body as well.

My next step is to keep that balance as the air is added.  If all goes well then I begin to gradually increase the airspeed while maintaining those contact points and the relaxation.  I’ve been more aware of the direction of the air as it exits the inverted lip’s embouchure tunnel, making sure that direction is up.  So far, all of this is done without the horn.

I’ve also been more cognizant of the “landing” of the mouthpiece, making sure it gently and evenly contacts the lips without disrupting the balance of the embouchure.  More on this at another time, but the results from these careful steps have been very rewarding.

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